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Our History

Verso Wealth Management, Brighton & Hove was previously IEP Financial – financial experts based in Sussex and the South East, and in particular Brighton & Hove, Eastbourne, Chichester and Bognor.

For 19 years they have helped each client achieve financial independence, maintain that financial independence throughout retirement, and distribute their wealth in an efficient manner, building an enviable business over the years and an excellent reputation for providing financial advice.

Our Team

Our business is driven by our people. Find our who we are find out about our experienced team

    1. I would be willing to risk a percentage of my income/capital in order to get a good return on an investment*
    2. To achieve high returns, it is necessary to choose high-risk investments*
    3. When I am faced with a financial decision I am generally more concerned about the possible losses than the probable gains*
    4. I would rather know that I was getting a guaranteed rate of return than be uncertain about my investments.*
    5. Compared to the average person, I take lower financial risks.*
    6. I would rather put my money in a bank account than invest in shares.*
    7. I do not feel comfortable with financial uncertainty.*
    8. I would accept potential losses in order to pursue long-term investment growth.*
    9. Taking financial risks is important to me.*
    10. I would be happy investing a large proportion of my income and/or capital in a high-risk investment*
    11. Do you have any specific financial goals for this investment?*
    12. How much of your investments could you afford to lose without reducing your future standard of living?*
    13. When is the earliest you plan to take money from your investments?*
    14. How do you plan to take money from your investments?*
    15. How likely is it that you will need to take money from your investments earlier than planned?*

    Giving back

    We are committed to supporting organisations that do great things in our local community. One of these is Together Co, a local befriending charity who believe nobody should be lonely or socially isolated.

    Helping people throughout Brighton, Hove and beyond, Together Co offer befriending and social prescribing services to improve people’s confidence and self-esteem and live happier and healthier lives.

    We wanted to help so much that some of the team recently completed a 5K Tough Mudder event, raising £1250 for the charity.